The Disastrous Misinterpretation of 49:1- opinion VS truth,the Arabic word “hawa”in the Quran

The Arabic word “hawa” : it means personal inclinations and opinions which are not necessarily based on rational thinking or sufficient evidence.

In the English translation of Quran, the word “hawa” and many of its derivatives is often translated as personal opinions, wishes, or desires and it is also translated as ego. As indicated above, the definitions of opinions, desires, wishes, and ego in English dictionaries are consistent with the meaning and use of the word “hawa” in Quran, which is always attributed to humans. Nowhere in Quran has God used the words “hawa”, opinions, desires, wishes, and ego, in reference to Himself. His words establish the absolute truth not some “opinions”. His issuing represents His decreed will, not some “wishes”. His guidelines are non-negotiable, decreed commands spelled out in black and white in His scriptures delivered and confirmed through His messengers for our redemption.

A study of all verses where God uses the word “hawa”, personal opinions, desires, wishes, and ego, or any of its derivatives reveals some reminders for the believers (51:55).

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[courtesy of sayeedbeenjamal]


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